Summer Beauty Essentials

Today I wanted to share my favourite nail polishes and beauty products that I’ve been reaching for during the daytime. The polishes, of course, are all pink. You can definitely get away with more vibrant bright shades during the summer, so those are the colours I’ve been reaching for!

Below are my favourite shades, sometimes layered with one another or as a pedicure for a little more subtlety. These also happen to be drugstore brands; L.A Colors, Models Own, Barry M, Nails Inc, Milani. My favourite is probably the models own muted mauve shade as the application wand has a rounded tip so its easier to apply, and the formula is thick so you get a quicker, even application.

Below is a little flat-lay I put together, showing my go-to products. Left to right;

Victoria’s Secret Be Seduced body lotion
Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
Kylie Matte Lipstick in Candy K
Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir Eau de Toilette

These all happen to be small products, so they fit perfectly into a Celine Nano Tote. I usually stick to just three beauty products for top-ups, one always being for lips.

What do you guys bring with you?


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Dior Makeup & Dupes

Happy New Year ladies! I hope you rang in the new year in style, and with lots and lots of champagne…or gin as I did. This year is all about stepping out of my comfort zone with products, and trying out new formulas and brands. I’ve been using quite a few amazing exfoliators daily and I’m really liking the results. Speaking of which, Soap and Glory have always been a favourite of mine and today I wanted to talk about a few body products I’ve been loving.

These are somewhat of a Dior dupe, as I’ve heard, and are drugstore so double bonus! I also have a little overview of an exciting purchase from Dior that I’ll be using for quite a few tutorials no doubt.

First up are these goodies – The Scrub of your life, Sugar Crush Body Wash and Hand Food

I haven’t tried these specific products before, and I don’t understand why after using them for a week straight. The scrub has a very distinct, rich scent which is also the same scent for the whole range including hand food. Miss Dior Cherie is the scent this is a great dupe for, and I actually own this perfume and can confirm the floral notes are quite similar. There is definitely a blend of rich and light florals such as rose, which smell very luxurious but also light and playful.

The lotions also last a while, and as the consistency is thick, your skin feels nicely coated even after it’s sunk in. My room also smells amazing, which is a sign that these products really do work. My skin honestly feels so smooth, and I love using a range from the same brand as you feel so pampered. The scrub is definitely intense and would get off even the most stubborn fake tan so be warned if you have skin issues as it is intended to really leave a smooth layer of skin.

This palette, the 5 Couleurs from Dior was a lovely Christmas gift and kind of unexpected. I don’t own anything by this brand except for perfume yet, so this is a lovely addition to my palettes and hopefully the first of many! This features a beautiful blend of gold, warm brown and smoky shades called ‘Golden Snow’. The RRP is £40 if not more, so this is definitely a special item to pick up as a gift rather than on a whim.

If you want an in depth review, let me know and I can show swatches etc. So far, I love how it looks and the collection itself offers a wide range of colours and the centre shade is apparently a primer so it would work well applied over the whole lid. This could be great for travel as you have all the shades you really need for day and night, plus a big mirror.

Let me know if you have tried any of these, and if you have any similar products to recommend, as like I said, 2017 should be an exciting year for experimenting with new shades and textures, out with the old and in with the new.


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No7 Airbrush Away Primer Review

I’ve been testing out this product for a while now, and I figured a reviewed was necessary. After four uses I think I can give an unbiased review, and since it’s a drugstore product it’s not a huge investment to make!

I received this in a ‘goodie box’ as I call it, worth £50 from Boots where this brand is primarily sold. This is pricier at £16 but you get a full 30ml, unlike a glass bottle which often has much less product in it. The packaging itself is sleek as always, and now lets get into the specifics…

No7 Airbrush Away Primer Review


Smooth texture and application – no flaking or dryness
This has a nice smell, always a bonus, and gentle on the skin.
No animal testing
Very moisturising – ideal for drier skin types


Not suited for oily skin types (with full liquid makeup over)
After a few hours you need to powder or blot in order to keep everything in place

This is my first time using it, as picture above, and my makeup looks great – I didn’t edit my photo at all here! I like it, and as a drugstore brand it is one I trust more so than others.

Initially there is nothing bad or particularly special about it but I think dry skin would drink this up (pun intended) and allow makeup and particularly foundation to stick to it. For my skin type, it’s not ideal during summer but I don’t regret buying it and I’m sure I’ll find ways to make it work the best way.

Let me know your thoughts!


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Easy Nail Art | Favourites

Over on Instagram I’ve had to restrain myself from posting daily nail photos, and so I thought a post dedication would suffice for the week!

Below are my three most recent and favourite nail art combinations. These are made up of a simple opaque base colour, and from there it’s just a few minutes to apply the ‘art’ so don’t worry about the Pinterest images bombarding you with complicated routines…

1. Crocodile Glitter

This is an Illamasqua base in Nomadic (I picked this up in TK Maxx)
Three sheer coats covered the entire nail nicely and then I applied one layer using three strokes to top it off. This is OPI’s Shatter the Scales.

2. Neon Stripes

I mixed a lot of shades here, I was feeling indecisive and Pinterest-inspired…
First was an L.A Colors base, I don’t remember the shades but in the UK these retail for just £1! Then I followed up with Nails Inc and Kate Spade’s gold shimmery colour and another LA Colors iridescent fuchsia. The stripes were done quite precisely thanks to striping tape which is very fine and so it works well for these kind of looks.

3. Top Coats

These two are Topshop Song + Dance and Seventeen Gold.
I use these usually on my ring finger to accentuate my nails without going overboard. These can be sheer so they are versatile but built up they give an opaque coating.
Apart from LA Colors, these two high street shades are both under £6.

Will you be trying any of these out?


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Acne-Prone Skin Products | Salcura Antiac

I was recently sent this skincare set, called Antiac from Salcura and thought a review was in order. I’ve been using these products for about two-three weeks so I know more or less how much they’re helping my skin.

I will start off saying I haven’t used them in conjunction yet apart from the gels. This set includes a face wash, 25 wipes, acne spray and spot gel. They retail each for about £10 and this is a reasonable price considering acne-prone skin can be a real menace!

If you have oily prone skin, this would work a treat. I have done a first impressions on my youtube, but as for an update, I love the spray the most. The cleansing steps are simply that but the real effect takes place when you apply the gels.

I think leaving a product on overnight and during the day works a charm, and I haven’t had any crazy breakouts since I started using them. They are relatively gentle and it’s not as if my skin goes red after applying it, as with some acne products. The scent is quite strong, as there is a blend of ingredients but other than that they work like your typical spot treatments!

Not to be gross, but usually the next day I found that a spot would come to a head or completely flatten so my skin could start healing, which is ideal wouldn’t you say…

Let me know your thoughts, and fave products!


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