Macbook Pro Review

Hey girls (and possibly guys)

Today is somewhat of a haul and review, as you may have seen there is no technology tab on my blog precisely because I am no expert and rarely splurge on new items. However, with the new school term starting my laptop conveniently decided it was time for a break, so voila, I resorted to buying a new one which was much less hassle. Although my bank account took a hard hit, I did have a little discount.

I picked the Macbook Pro 13inch, a standard ‘notebook’ or laptop pretty much, it has everything you need all wrapped into one snazzy Apple package and if you have an iphone or ipad Im sure the layout and features are identical!

It powers up very quickly and is really efficient, you can of course customize a lot so it is down to preference. Make sure to purchase anti-virus software and whatever other features like Word that you need.

I would say it is worth the money, and if you’re always on it for schoolwork or blogging, it is a great investment. Also, for making videos and editing it’s one of the best ‘packages’ you could get. I will update you guys at some point, but for now I’m so in love with it, it’s just so sleek and tiny.

What do you guys think of macbooks?


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