How to raise goats for meat

Raising meat goats can be a productive venture to invest in. Right now in the US, there is a higher interest for goat meat also known as chevon, than what is available. Many ethnic groups residing in the US rely on lean, tasty meat as a protein staple.

Raising goats for meat is not an easy task: picking a breed, settling on fencing and their housing, and finding and getting a market to sell your meat. You should also be prepared to feed your goat regularly, forage and care for them when they’re sick.

Pick a Breed

When raising goats for meat for meat you’ll need to consider blended breed does and a full breed buck. If you don’t want a buck on your farm, you can rent one. If you want to produce registered stock to sell or show off your goats, then you might have to maintain your own buck. If you are starting out for the first time, you should consider starting with wethers and does

Certain breeds, especially Boer, was built for meat purposes. These goat breeds put on weight rapidly and do not produce much milk. A few breeds are dual-purpose, which means they produce the proper milk and put on great weight as well. A lot of meat goat farmers have crossed dairy breeds like Nubians with meat breeds like Boers to enhance certain characteristics in their herd.

Housing and Fencing

Meat goats require a spotless, dry, draft-free home. This can be a straightforward three-sided structure or it very well may be a completely protected stable. If you wish to raise kids up in the winter, you will need to have a spotless, warm building for this reason.

Fencing should be sturdy and solid for goats, who will take advantage of any rupture in a fence line. Goats require access to a ton of land where they can get as much pasture that they want and forage. You might need to join perimeter fencing, which goes around the outside of your property to keep the farm animals in and the predators out, with some temporary fencing within the housing to separate the kids from the bucks and any other breed that you do not want to mix up.


The best meat goats will be raised fundamentally on forage: small trees, grasses and shrubs that can be obtained in overgrown fields and in the woods. Unlike sheep and cows, goats cannot survive on grass alone. What’s more, in case you’re putting meat on goats in a production setting, you will need to ensure that their forage is thick and high quality to guarantee that they put on weight proficiently. You may need to enhance with feed or pelleted feed at times.

Health Care

Ensuring meat goats are healthy begins with a decent establishment: the best possible feed, fencing and housing as highlighted. Be that as it may, there are generally different issues to consider too, and nobody has goats that are always health, irrespective of the conditions. Figure out how to care for your goats’ wellbeing so that you can eliminate any issue that may arise and prevent certain illness to spread from one goat to the herd.


Finding a purchaser, ideally a wholesaler, for your goat meat is critical to your achievement in making huge profits and pushing ahead with your business strategy. Research properly and discover what markets are available for your product and act accordingly.

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Best Bug-Out Bag for Urban Preppers

An urban bug-out bag is the ultimate emergency survival collection for you and your loved ones. It is never a good time to encounter a catastrophic event, but if you do, knowing you have the best bug out bag on your back gives practical tools for confident survival. Of course, this bag contains items for temporary relief of an unexpected life turn; so, you must have the determination to find a permanent solution specific to your needs.

Split up into similar groups, these essential items make up a h2 emergency survival kit for any situation you might find yourself in. The best bug out bag is one you can make for yourself – tailored to your current environment.


Find a bag specific to your needs and ability to physically carry. Waterproof and durable is the way to go. You do not want to skimp out of this part because the bag is the foundation of your survival items. It holsters everything you wish to take with you in an emergency.


Having filtered water on hand in your bag is critical to maintain a handful of days alive until you receive more help. Aim to have insulated bottles or canteens full of filtered water.
Or, if you cannot have that prepared, then choose to have a water filter or filtration system. This can be as simple as putting a small pot into your bag to be prepared to boil fresh water to kill off any bacteria, or finding a manufactured filtration system.


Food is a vital component alongside water for your bug out bag. Try to find food with a high caloric value and that is non-perishable as well. Foods that are perishable will not do you any good and rot away in the bag – you will have more work to just clean up their moldy mess.

High caloric foods contain lots of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Good examples of this are beef loaded, vegetable soups and high calorie granola bars. This helps ensure that you and your family maintain enough potential stored energy in your body in case of starvation. Foods with the highest protein and fats are your best bet because of long-term fat storage and the rebuilding properties of protein.


Tools will come in tremendously handy when you most need them. Be sure to obtain a multi-purpose knife such as a Swiss Army knife, flashlight with extra batteries, spare home and car keys, and a canned goods opener.

A multi-purpose knife comes into play many situations you do not realize until you really need one. Be prepared, pack one, and save the sweat for later.

Flashlights are crucial to maintaining a sense of security in the first few nights if you or someone you are with does not have fire skills readily available. It might be your chance to be saved in the dark of the wilderness or read life-saving information at night. In addition, extra batteries are essential because they can stop working without notice for a multitude of reasons.
Even though these remotes might be in your safe or fire-box at home, spare car and house keys are invaluable items to add to your bug out bag. They can easily quell an unfortunate situation by accessing your car or home that provide safety or valuable survival tools.
Finally, to take some stress off an already stressful situation, packing a canned goods opener is really a no-brainer. Do you really want to be ripping open canned food with a knife or other utensil you stumble across while you are dreadfully hungry? Yeah, we thought so. And yes, a canned goods opener is on a Swiss Army knife, but you really can not go wrong having two of them on hand during unexpected events – especially with a family.


As warm-blooded creatures, we need an appropriate amount of heat to survive. This dilemma can be solved by packing a sleeping bag, suitable blankets, hats, gloves, and hand warmers.
At least one compact sleeping bag is a crucial component to your overall bag. It provides greatly needed insulation and warmth in the night. Use your body’s heat to your fullest advantage by trapping it in a double-insulated sleeping bag while you sleep to maintain a healthy temperature during a cold night.
Warm blankets are needed in all parts of the world. Even in warm climates, the night can become brutally cold because the sun ceases to shine. And of course, in colder climates aim for even more insulation in your choice of blankets. Emergency blankets are a good lightweight option when big, bulky blankets are not a reasonable option for the size of your bag.
Hats and gloves may be one of the most overlooked aspects of maintaining a warm body temperature. Most of the heat in our body escapes through our heads. Furthermore, it is difficult to accomplish much of anything when our hands are bitterly cold. Hats and gloves should be a critical component that have a special place in your bug out bag.
Handwarmers are classic items of emergency protocol. All you need to do is shake them up and squeeze them in your hands and they seem to magically heat your hands. They are small and a very reasonable addition to your urban survival bag.


Picking out the most necessary life sustaining items to put in your bag can really save a life. Question yourself to see if you have anything in your bag that is not really useful, and replace it with something you know will really help. Refer back to this best urban bug out bag list if you forget what it is you truly need to make it for a few more days in an emergency situation.
This bug out bag will be ready when you arrive at the days you do not expect or do not wish to come. Being prepared with your own urban bug out bag as soon as possible is vital. Whatever the future may hold, protecting yourself and your family today is the best chance for survival for tomorrow.

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Advantages Of Thyme How To Grow, Cook and Use

Thyme is one of those herbs that most folks appreciate the taste. In any case, only a few individuals know how to utilize it. I am here to help educate you on the secrets of this herb and share the advantages of thyme.

Notwithstanding cooking with thyme, it is one of the active ingredients in my anti-bacterial cleaner. I’m quite sure nobody has ever thought of thyme this way right? Truly, it has magnificent restorative properties that make it extraordinary for eliminating microscopic organisms and a whole lot more of other benefits.

Growing Thyme

Thyme is a delightful expansion to any garden. Ideal for over window boxes as well as being perfect for borders. There are so man assortments to look over. Like velvety soft variety called Elfin Thyme, lemon and even variegated.

When sowing my thyme, I place them in the front row and ensure they get good drainage.

  • Thyme is part of the mint family Lamiaceae. Alongside numerous herbs like lavender, basil, oregano and rosemary for example, rosemary, oregano, basil, and lavender.
  • Thyme is an Evergreen
  • Grow thyme from seed
  • Mulching with builder’s sand or limestone rock prevents root decay and enhances drainage.
  • Thyme must have great drainage.
  • Adding crushed eggshell, oyster eggs and limestone to plants when planting.
  • Plant in all around depleted soil with a pH of around 7.0; it lean towards slightly alkaline conditions.
  • It does best in full sun.

Cooking With Thyme

This stunning herb has been utilized both in sweet and savory dishes. The most recognizable paring is in your Italian cooking, however, they have a lot of uses. A handful of our favorite recipes are listed below.

  • Italian dishes-tomato sauces by sausage maker
  • Great for Compound Butters
  • The longer crisp thyme is cooked, the milder the flavor always gets
  • Pork, poultry or season beef
  • Chicken Marsala or steak
  • Sometimes pared with Sage and Rosemary.

Our Thyme Recipes

  • Insanely Easy Chicken Marsala
  • Blue Cheese and Herb Infused Compound Butter

Medicinal properties of thyme

I specified above how I utilize thyme for my anti-bacterial cleaner. I also added it to our medicinal honey recipe and our mouthwash.

Thyme has always been a legend in the world of herbs and its medicinal advantages not let me down before.


Benefits Of Thyme:

  • Calming properties, expectorant, anti-fungal, antiseptic, antimicrobial, antirheumatic, antispasmodic and antibacterial
  • Ancient Greeks used it as incense while ancient Egyptians utilized it in their embalming practices.
  • Takes care of Skin Problems
  • Can be used for Oral care
  • Good for preventing Bronchitis, Whooping Cough, and Sore Throat.
  • Great in cleaners and it kills molds
  • Its leaves are one of the richest sources of selenium, magnesium, manganese, calcium, iron and potassium. The herb is likewise a rich source of numerous essential vitamins like folic acid, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-K, Vitamin E, Vitamin-A, beta carotene and B-complex vitamins.

So how do you use your thyme? Let us know in the comments section.

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Acne-Prone Skin Products | Salcura Antiac

I was recently sent this skincare set, called Antiac from Salcura and thought a review was in order. I’ve been using these products for about two-three weeks so I know more or less how much they’re helping my skin.

I will start off saying I haven’t used them in conjunction yet apart from the gels. This set includes a face wash, 25 wipes, acne spray and spot gel. They retail each for about £10 and this is a reasonable price considering acne-prone skin can be a real menace!

If you have oily prone skin, this would work a treat. I have done a first impressions on my youtube, but as for an update, I love the spray the most. The cleansing steps are simply that but the real effect takes place when you apply the gels.

I think leaving a product on overnight and during the day works a charm, and I haven’t had any crazy breakouts since I started using them. They are relatively gentle and it’s not as if my skin goes red after applying it, as with some acne products. The scent is quite strong, as there is a blend of ingredients but other than that they work like your typical spot treatments!

Not to be gross, but usually the next day I found that a spot would come to a head or completely flatten so my skin could start healing, which is ideal wouldn’t you say…

Let me know your thoughts, and fave products!


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Western & Chinese Fashion

Hey girls,

Today I am featuring a slightly different aspect of fashion. I’ve recently come across the Chinese brand Liebo, here featured on Big China Box. They feature Eastern brands such as this one, and of course they ship to the UK! The brands featured are authentic Chinese brands, shipped right from China. Here’s a snapshot of some of my favourite pieces:

You can clearly see the impact Eastern fashion is having on global fashion, as it is no longer an unusual concept in the Western fashion industry. Chinese fashion bloggers in particular have become prominent and their fashion choices make an impact, and even produce muses for designers.

Having said that, Hong Kong and Shanghai are some of the most fashionable cities in the East, and by the end of this year I will be able to say I have been to both those places. I cannot wait to see the differences in style, and gain some inspiration for my own outfits!

You can tell just from these photos Chinese fashion is abundant with colours and patterns, which I love as you can be so creative with your choices, and no outfit is the same. If you want to give this style a go and try something different, check out the brand on Big China Box, they have amazing deals and rewards for customers.

Let me know your favourites in the comments and if there are other brands to check out!


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