Day: April 20, 2020


How do you know if crested gecko growth rate is correct?

Under the proper care for crested gecko lifespan can reach 15-20 years. Each crested gecko has its own growth rate. But generally, created geckos regarded as an adult when they are being around 18 months old and reach up to 7-9 inches, tail included.

Once crested geckos weigh about 10-12 grams, crested gecko growth rate will be quickly until they reach 25 grams in weight. For the first 3 months, they are increasing their weight by about 1 gram every month.

When they are 4-7 months old, their weight will rise to 2 grams every month. And once they reaching a weight of 25 grams, their growth rate will slow down or maybe stop.

When reaching maturity, crested geckos weigh between 25-50 grams. Male crested geckos are considered as an adult when they are about 25 grams, but a female one will need to reach 35 grams or more to successfully reproduce.

The bigger female crested geckos can intimidate the smaller males, so it is better to pair similarly sized geckos to avoid this situation.

Why is crested gecko small and won’t grow?

There are two main factors can affect your crested gecko’s growth rate: diet, temperature & humidity.

Diet: You have to ensure that your gecko has the correct diet includes a powder diet and some suitable fruits. If your crested geckos are not eating enough, you can try the other types of food and observe what your crested gecko likes more, this is will help encourage they eat more.

Temperature & humidity: 75-78 F degrees (warmer than room temperatures) is the best temperature for crested gecko growth. Besides, if you provide not enough hydrated for your pet, crested geckos can become stressed and refuse food. The ideal crested gecko humidity is about 60-70%. You should place the best reptile humidifiers next to their cage.

Are crested geckos changing their color with age?

Yes, they are. Almost geckos are born with bright orange and red. But the coloration will fade slowly during the growth process, till they are about 12 months old, crested gecko colors will finally look like as an adult. They are also adding more spots over time.

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