Boat Wind Turbine Vs Solar Battery Charger

Many (if not most) boat owners are confronted the issue of keeping the best battery for trolling motor charged. If you want your battery to be productive in a very long time, you ought to be sure it is completely charged before using it. Half charging will reduce its life cycle and ruin your bright outings in the sea. Other than wind and sun, complete energy independence on board is most likely every sailor’s fantasy. Is running the engine every once in a while enough to sustain your battery or would it be advisable for you to think about an independent method for keeping it charged? To ensure the best solar battery are always topped up whenever they can, among others, utilize renewable resources and:

  • Purchase marine solar panels and assemble your own sun-powered system,
  • Construct a wind turbine on board,
  • Construct a hybrid system.

There are numerous potential outcomes of extra power source accessible. By and large, it pays to combine diverse sources of innovation, depending on your style of cruising and where you cruise.

Charging with solar panels

Solar energy has dependably pulled in visionaries and even adventurers. However, endeavors to make photovoltaic principle and solar panels the primary charging systems are impossible. Throughout the decades, panels have turned out to be logically more effective. Today they are less helpless to output drops when in shade and are exceptional in cloudy conditions. As solar panels will create more power if they are positioned where they get immediate daylight, it is great to mount them in a suitable position even while sailing.

Advantages and disadvantages of including solar panels:

+ Great for a wide assortment of boats and conditions. + Improving innovation while cutting costs. + Reliability and cost almost nothing to maintain. – Insufficient physical space accessible for installation.

Marine wind turbine

Wind generators are the second most utilized elective energy sources. If you have winds on your sails, this is the most practical sustainable power source accessible. Power delivered by wind generators can be used specifically or it can be put away in batteries to be used later. The innovation behind wind generators is well demonstrated and dependable. All in all, wind turbines can be effortlessly mounted on board. These days windchargers are moderately uncommon.

Advantages and disadvantages of including a wind generator:

+ Producing a lot of intensity in solid breeze.

– Noisy and causes vibration. – Reduced effectiveness when cruising downwind. – Rotating sharp edges could be hazardous. – Maintenance of the system is required.

Battery monitors for guaranteeing great battery life

The more power sources there are on the boat, the harder it is to monitor the battery state. Be that as it may, dealing with all the power streams all through every battery bank is of urgent significance to keep the battery healthy. A battery monitor conveys in an unmistakable and reasonable way numerous vital data like amperes and volts coming in, remaining ampere-hours, information about grey water, fuel and water, temperatures and tank levels. Using a monitor comes with several advantages:

  • Easy to monitor power consumed,
  • Keeping agm battery charger levels over 50%,
  • Ensuring great battery life.

Wind and solar energy are free sources of power. Appreciate the cruising and let nature take the necessary steps! Do not forget to monitor the battery state using Simarine battery monitoring solutions.