CAMPING SURVIVAL KIT For the ultimate adventure….

If you are one who loves basking in nature, taking in all the goodness that mother earth has to offer, adventure and thrill, then camping is the right sport for you. If you want to spend this weekend doing something exciting and fun and not waste it doing practically nothing, then what are you thinking about?

Go get your backpacks, pack up and set off!

But before going on a hiking trip, you have to ensure you are completely prepared for it. Going for a hiking trip unprepared, is mostly preparing for failure. Make sure you plan well before hand on the essentials one needs to do and take with them on the trip
Taking all the safety measures is a complete must to have a fun filled and enthralling adventure.
As a hiker or camper don’t try to fill your bag pack with unnecessary stuff like you do on a normal vacation. You should try to carry only the basic and bear essential items that you would require. Don’t stuff your bag with unnecessary goods, and only put in what is absolutely necessary and most importantly, travel light!
In case you are not planning to hike and just drive down to the campsite, then carrying extra items is permitted. If you are going to hike for some miles and then set up the camp, then carrying all this extra luggage will only make your hike more troublesome.
Survival kits are basically to ensure your safety in any situation and to provide protection in case of emergencies.
In the case of a minimalistic survival kit there are a few categories that you should never miss out. They are the basic essentials you need to survive in the days to come.
Those categories include food, water, shelter, warmth, light, first aid, communication, basic tools.
Water is the basic element for the survival of any human being. A man can survive without food for three weeks, but he can only last for around 10 days without water. But this does not mean you carry a great number of packaged bottles with you. This will just increase the weight and make the trekking harder and less enjoyable. Instead, carry a life straw or any water purification device. The water purification device will help you to purify the water from nearby streams, thus reducing the baggage of carrying numerous bottles at once.
When it comes to food, you need to have something that is high on calories to provide you with the required energy. If you don’t have enough energy to do the hike there are chances you might faint too, and if you are alone when that happens it may turn very sour for you, very quickly. So try to take as many energy bars along with you which will provide the energy as well as satisfy your hunger. This won’t take too much space too. So you will be able to attain energy in small packs without increasing your load and luggage.
In case of shelter and warmth always have a survival shelter and blanket and a fire lighting kit with you. Now we don’t want to catch a cold or fever in the middle of the hike do we? That would be one of the last things we want to spoil all the fun we are having. So make sure you carry one of those survival sleeping bags and the shelter tents which can be carried around easily. They must be insulated and well made to protect you from the elements of nature.
First aid is a must whenever you go out for any hiking or camping activities. An outdoor first aid kit must consist of much more than antibiotics and band aids. So it’s advisable to buy a kit online rather than going to purchase every single item. That way it would it will relieve you from the hassle of searching for every item as well as the kit would cost you less compared to the sum of cost of all individual items. Make sure there are antiseptic creams to tend to cuts and bruises that you may encounter on the way.
Don’t forget to carry waterproof torches, flint lighter and flip phones whose battery is going to last you much more than the normal ones. You need light during night as you don’t know what or who you might meet in the better be well equipped and carry a powerful handheld torch to light the way.
Phones are a must since in case of any kind of emergency; it will help you to contact the required people. If you are travelling in a group make sure that all of you hold onto a walkie talkie to enable short distance communication among each of you. This is to ensure that all of you can regroup in case any one of you lose your way.

Remember to carry a map, a compass and foldable sharp pocket knives.

You should also carry an extra pair of clothes, because you never know when you might need them. When choosing the fabric go for synthetic type material as will dry quickly and provide good ventilation to your skin, thus reducing the sweat too.
These are the basic essential items your minimalistic survival kit should contain. Multiple tool pocket knife such as a Swiss knife would be handy when the circumstance need it to be.
In case you are driving down to the campsite, you can add many extra items to the list like BBQ, kitchen tools, cooking stove etc. A BBQ in the middle of a forest would make an amazing evening. It would really add on to the beauty and fun, especially if you have friends and family along with you.
So I guess if you keep all these points in mind before going on a hike, you will have the basic preparation to go for one without much what are you waiting for guys? Let go off yourself and have fun this weekend.