No7 Airbrush Away Primer Review

I’ve been testing out this product for a while now, and I figured a reviewed was necessary. After four uses I think I can give an unbiased review, and since it’s a drugstore product it’s not a huge investment to make!

I received this in a ‘goodie box’ as I call it, worth £50 from Boots where this brand is primarily sold. This is pricier at £16 but you get a full 30ml, unlike a glass bottle which often has much less product in it. The packaging itself is sleek as always, and now lets get into the specifics…

No7 Airbrush Away Primer Review


Smooth texture and application – no flaking or dryness
This has a nice smell, always a bonus, and gentle on the skin.
No animal testing
Very moisturising – ideal for drier skin types


Not suited for oily skin types (with full liquid makeup over)
After a few hours you need to powder or blot in order to keep everything in place

This is my first time using it, as picture above, and my makeup looks great – I didn’t edit my photo at all here! I like it, and as a drugstore brand it is one I trust more so than others.

Initially there is nothing bad or particularly special about it but I think dry skin would drink this up (pun intended) and allow makeup and particularly foundation to stick to it. For my skin type, it’s not ideal during summer but I don’t regret buying it and I’m sure I’ll find ways to make it work the best way.

Let me know your thoughts!