PetShop Haul & Review

Today is a slightly different post, but one I hope will help any pet owners who read my blog! In case you don’t follow my instagram, I have a cute little pekingese named Honey who is about 11 years old. When sent me these cute goodies, I just had to photograph his reaction.

Pet Munchies Chicken

Honey received lots of lovely goodies from the shop, and as much as he loves food, his favourite has to be Estella the Elephant. The food itself is actually very healthy, and my parents who organise this sort of thing said it’s definitely more natural than other brands’ ingredients. He also received Pet Munchies Chicken treats which for a dog are literal heaven.

He would only get tiny pieces of this per day, but it’s again a very natural food product for dogs and is mostly made from chicken breast. This toy that you’ll see below is an eco friendly ‘squeeze toy’ or whatever the official name is!

Initially he couldn’t be separated from her, and when I pulled her by her tail Honey would chase the toy non-stop! You can also squeeze the eyes for the slowly-getting-annoying-but-stil-kinda-cute squeaks. I would totally recommend this if your dog loves toys and is just generally playful.

I hope you guys enjoyed my little review, and let me know if you’ll check out the shop!