Top 3 Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is a 'health trick' that goes far beyond any time sensitive fad. I've heard for years how beneficial overall this oil can be, and its only been this year that I've really taken it in account.

I am trying to use more natural and healthy products - such as natural oils and butters, and this seemed like a no brainer! My mum was recommending it for natural teeth whitening, which is one of my tips, and so I began researching...

1. Teeth Whitening

I read a number of positive reviews stating that this was the go-to for cheap and simple teeth whitening. If you have sensitive teeth like me, this is a good choice. Not only does 250ml cost about £10, but this only takes a few weeks to really see a difference. I use a teaspoon as an oil pulling method (google provides a more in-depth overview) every morning and rinse with salt water to really feel cleaner and brighter teeth. This method also impacts the rest of the body somehow, without swallowing the oil, your skin can clear up and mood swings can be stabilised...perfect for that time of the month!

2. Body Scrub

I recently found a quick alternative to Lush's lip scrubs, which I adore, but having an at-home substitute is perfect. I take a teaspoon of this with a tablespoon of brown sugar and apply to my lips, legs and arms for a deep and nourishing scrub.

The sugar naturally exfoliates and the oil allows your skin to retain moisture without needing lotion. Since this is a very pure, unaltered oil, you get the full benefits! Apply weekly for a no-fuss treat.

3. Hair Mask

I would recommend towel drying your hair after shampooing, then mixing about a tablespoon of this with another natural oil or even your favourite deep hydrating hair mask. Heating this up would help to, to allow the hair follicles to absorb the product. After 20 minutes I use loads of shampoo to wash it out, and voila - shiny, bouncier hair!

Have you tried this oil?



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