No7 Cleansing Balm Review

I've recently switched up my skincare routine, which includes a brand new cleanser for morning and evenings. 

When I'm cleansing clean, makeup-free skin I always reach for this product as it's a cream formula so it glides over the face more easily when using a cotton pad. I use more liquid based products for makeup removal but this cleanser is my go-to for everyday use!

This retails for about £9.50 at Boots which is one of the few UK stores to stock this brand. I love that the brand itself is cruelty free, and Boots creates cruelty free products which is fantastic! The price is a little steep as this is a brand catering to women rather than teens.

As a 23 year old, I do find the products suit my skincare needs and I'm willing to spend a little extra for a quality product. It says it is for dry skin but with cleansers I am not very fussy as long as the texture is right.

Behind this you can see a few other skincare cleansers I love, which I will be sure to review in the future! The packaging as well is such an ideal size, given that you get 150ml for £9. I squirt a pea size amount onto a cotton pad and run it over my face which feels very soothing and gentle which I love as otherwise my skin could flare up.

I have sensitive cheeks, but with this my skin looks so calm in the morning! I would definitely recommend it for daily cleansing and dry/sensitive skin especially.

Have you tried this?



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