Perfect Winter & Christmas Scents

Perfume is definitely a beauty addition that is very personal to every girl, and I find that mine often evoke past memories and feelings from when I last wore them. That's why I love a really distinct scent, perfect for different occasions!

These three below are some of my favourite warm scents ranging from £15 to £50.

YSL Opium
£45 - A warm inviting scent with festive mandarin and bergamot. There are also slight hints of vanilla and such a luxurious brand of course adds some spice with jasmine and patchouli. This would make a fab gift for a female family member!

Versace Crystal Noir
£48 - This is a lighter floral choice, perfect for evenings. Gardenia and amber make this a luxurious choice but orange flower add a slight kick which makes it great for special occasions.

Yves Rocher Quelques Notes D'Amour
£20 - I bought this one on offer in Belgium so look out for European stories bringing out sales on gift items! I love the woody base notes in this, as it wears down from a slightly sweeter scent to a more sultry phase. Rose and patchouli create a very 'ChloĆ©' type scent, this is a very romantic choice.

I also love the packaging, presentation for me is key especially when gifting perfumes. I love the YSL one the most as they have very distinct unique choices for bottle shape (easier to store) as well as memorable colours which suit the perfume well.

Have you tried any?



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