Festive Winter Pampering | My Essentials

I haven't made many lifestyle centred posts recently, and today I wanted to highlight some of my favourite evening (or morning...do your thing..) pampering essentials.

This consists of three parts, as you'll see below, and if I need a pick me up or a little treat, I'll use of these. First up is a collection of bubble bath goodies. These are my current Lush items - Golden Wonder bath bomb and Mr Brightside bubble bar. These are two very different but equally indulgent choices.

Golden Wonder is a festive and colourful glittery gold bath bomb infused with lime, orange and cognac oil which gives it a slight Christmasy tang. Mr Brightside is an equally sweet and citrusy choice but with a deeper bergamot scent to it. The citrus brings it into a gorgeous orange shade and this creates amazing bubbles.

I get about four uses out of this bar, so it'll last the whole month!

Speaking of bubble baths, I always love a good book or magazine whilst Im relaxing. Currently my go-to is a light read in the form of I Had a Nice Time by The Betches. Look them up on instagram etc if you have yet to enjoy their witty, sarcastic and bitchy (or should I say betchy) quips on life, love and career.

I love self improvement/non-fiction choices recently and this is hard to put down. Not to mention, if you're cuddled up in bed having a hot chocolate on the side makes this the perfect evening choice to unwind.

Finally, my attire! At home I always choose comfort so it was a no-brainer when it came to slipper choice. I currently have a rotation of three pairs but this is by far my favourite! An Aristocrat themed pair which are so warm and cosy, and cost just £3 from Primark!

You can tell I'm excited by the overuse of exclamation points, so I think you get the idea. Pick your favourite pyjama set and bathrobe (I like to put them on after a bath/shower) to really cosy up on a colder winter evening and it somehow puts you in a more relaxed mindset.

What are your must-haves?



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