Recreating Victoria's Secret Model Instagrams

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This was the first picture I posted; Josephine Skriver's OOTD post. She used a basic caption (not as in basic betch, obvs). I luckily had all similar pieces so I was inspired by this picture, and the hair was easy to recreate. Of course you cannot get an exact replica but this one came out the most similar in my opinion. The hair was the toughest bit as the strands by my face looked a little weird but overall this picture did quite well. It turned out to be one of our least liked pictures but we both had really nice comments written. 

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This didn't do as well as I expected, I did post it late in the evening but normally my outfit photos are my most popular. Not to mention, it took a lot of tries to get this pose down. Romee's outfit is very simple so it was easy but the pose took about 10 tries! I've found that they probably had quite natural and effortless poses and when you try to imitate someone it takes more effort. I really liked this photo but you can't see the outfit too well which is what lowered my engagement.

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This is one of Sara Sampaio's more artsy portraits which I believe was very popular on her page! The pose again was tough to get down as I chose to take it as a selfie but other than that it just took editing to get it right. Black and white really makes your features 'pop' so I would recommend it if this is your style of Instagram theme. Of course being naturally photogenic helps but makeup and hair does wonders for taking the right selfie.

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I only posted this yesterday morning, but it wasn't one of my more popular posts. I think the lack of makeup or outfit details lowered the engagement. However, Elsa's was very well received as she has the most stunning features. This was definitely the easiest to recreate and only took me 5 minutes for the whole thing. I would recommend focusing on a feature as she has such as blue eyes but my lighting wasn't ideal. 

What I learnt:

Finding the right items to copy someone's pictures is tiresome and takes a great deal of effort. Once in a while I love feeling inspired to recreate something but it doesn't guarantee 'insta-success'. You really do have to be a Victoria's Secret model to get thousands of likes and comments on such photos.  

No one caught on to what I was doing so I suppose it is an easy way to cultivate a beauty and fashion theme on Instagram. If these girls are your idols, then by all means feel inspired to recreate, but I think I'll stick with whatever comes naturally to me as it feels more authentic and I think my followers pick up on that. The best photo was Sara's even though I look nothing like her, I can tell close up selfies of smokey eyes and full makeup do the best.

Which celebs' photos should I try recreating next?



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