Boddy's Pharmacy | Antioxidant Face Mask

I have a slight obsession with pampering products, proven further by the fact that I'm sitting next to a bag full of Lush products... Face masks are no exception as I recently picked up a new one on my trip to Costa del Sol. This is by a brand I wasn't familiar with but it must be a European company - Boddy's Pharmacy. 

This retails for just £9 and has a gel-like texture so I was intrigued to see how it would work.

It has a very delicate scent, and I think the texture and ingredients would suit any skin type, mine is mostly acne-prone/combination. I used just the one as I don't like multi-masking in case it flairs up my skin! This has a slightly fruity scent but mostly smells of gel cream and the typical face mask scent.

It applies very easily, and thankfully isn't watery so it sets into the skin well. I used a small handful for the whole face (about a spoonful) and rubbed it in with circular motions. It left a sightly red shade to my skin, but I didn't get any strange reactions, tingling etc. Overall, I think this would just be good as a 'pick me up' treat when you want to calm your skin.

I quite like this brand, as it reminds me of Keihl's but I haven't seen it anywhere else in the UK nor have I read any reviews so I can't be sure if it'll become a holy grail for me yet!



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