Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette

I picked this up yesterday, and I thought that I had to an initial review because it's such a gorgeous palette. This is the Cat Eyes eyeshadow palette from Too Faced, and I managed to find it at TK Maxx. This was on sale for more than 50% off at just 12.99!

I love these smaller, compact palettes from the brand as they're easy to carry around and bulky palettes are a bit inconvenient but these have the perfect selection of shades.

You can see above and below, this has quite a sultry selection of darker, shimmery shades. I normally love bright nudes but these would be ideal for a pop of colour or adding smokiness to a neutral look. The first three shades are good base colours, and the rest would look amazing on the lids and lash line.

Below are my favourites; Jungle Love, Pussy Cat and Purr. They are of course shimmery tones, and I can't wait to play around with different combinations. Not to mention, I love the eccentric and girly packaging which adds to the fun of trying out new looks!

This is originally £25, but for me Too Faced is a tried and true brand which is always being reviewed and raved about so I would definitely have paid full price. Try heading over to TK Maxx to see if they also stock this brand.



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