Rose Gold Moods

I find that perfumes don't need a transition from season to season, although the base notes like floral are obviously more summery, scents are such a personal choice. The Miss Dior Cherie is point in case - it is mostly floral notes but being Dior, it has an inimitable luxury to it that is perfect for evenings.

I received this for my birthday years ago, and I use it very sparingly (which is why I'm not sick of it yet!) This is also the L'eau version so it's not too overpowering. I would go for 30ml unless you know you love a scent, as otherwise it'll sit on your shelf gathering dust...if you collect perfumes like a hoarder...ahem.

Once the scent begins to fade, it has a slightly deeper patchouli base note which makes it more mature and sophisticated. I would recommend waiting for sales, so you can pick up a gift set for yourself or to treat someone.

The additions are a River Island bracelet, perfect for holidays as it really accentuates darker skin tones! They always have cute trinkets and small accessories. The bracelet I'm not sure where I bought this, it was definitely on the high street so I'm sure they have similar pieces anywhere.

The two makeup items again are perfect for this season, but can be multi-use as well. The L'oreal Lumi Magique is not something I'll repurchase but I do admittedly love it. This is kind of a YSL dupe and really does highlight the under-eye well without major creasing. The highlight is by Benefit - the Cha Cha Tint. This is a deep rose shade, which also really illuminates your skin and gives you a glow.

I use this very sparingly as I'm so pale, but on the lids or lips it could be gorgeous. Have you tried any of these?



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