Clairol Dark Blonde Hair Dye Review

I recently went through a total Gemini phase, and wanted to make a drastic change to my appearance. Something that was on my mind for a while had been a new hair colour! I didn't want to do one of those crazy instagram shades but something noticeable and closer to my natural hair colour. 

After some deliberation and review reading I stumbled upon Clairol's range at Boots and found something that would most probably not screw my hair up...The Nice'n Easy 8A Natural Medium Ash Blonde. The colour will obviously alter depending on your current shade, so mine came out a darker warm tone as I started with light blonde hair.

This retailed for just £5.99 but I knew from reviews that this is reliable and didn't contain bleach so my hair wouldn't be ruined. I did read the steps three times over, making sure that I didn't screw it up from the last time I dyed my hair 5 years ago.

These are the three staple products you get; the formula with a light tint, the colour itself and a conditioner to use on the lengths after. You shake the two together and apply with gloves - all very simple taking only 5 minutes.

Then the conditioner should be applied for about 5 minutes, this smells really nice and is pleasant to use so no complaints as to the strand ends! My hair felt surprisingly soft afterwards and had a glow to it that ironically, it didn't have before the dye.

Here is a before shot - light bleached strawberry blonde which had red undertones in the sunlight. You can see the transition on my instagram too, a lot of my newer selfies are with the new colour.

Here is the after, a noticeable difference as this has dark brown undertones and a more natural shade overall. My roots no longer show through visibly and they blend in seamlessly with the lighter ash blonde tones on the lengths. I would recommend this if you want to go darker and have similar hair to mine!

Have you guys tried this brand?



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