High Street & High End Body Favourites

Perhaps it's the winter cold, or simply my sugar cravings, but I've been obsessed with sweet scents lately. These three products below have been my go-to for the last ten days and I'm kind of obsessed!

They do range in price, but I would say they are all worth it, from body oil to body sprays. First up is the Boots Extracts Vanilla Body Butter. This honestly smells like vanilla flavoured yogurt, and I can't stop smelling my arms!? This retails for £6 but is often on offer, so keep an eye out. This is also a very natural product, not chock full of chemicals and who knows what like many others. 

Next up is The Body Shop Shea Butter Body Oil. This retails for £11 in the UK, so a little pricier, but for an oil this is quite inexpensive. It has the texture of a dry oil, it's not at all sticky, so a few drops go a long way. Sometimes after a pedicure I like to use a few drops on the soles of my feet or back of my hands for some extra moisture. This has a very delicate scent, but is still very rich. It's also lasted me four months already!

Last but not least, Victoria's Secret Love Spell Body Mist. This retails for about £10, but I know the US has loads of deals on like 3 for $20 or something. If you want a lighter, day time scent without shelling out loads on a luxury perfume, this could be a good option. I like to pretend I'm an Angel when using these products, and it's one of those products that makes you feel a bit more girly.

This has fruity base notes with hints of floral, and would be perfect for spring. Three spritzes lasts me for the day, and the scent does linger although it's not very strong by the end of the day.

Have you tried any of these?



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