Favourite Drugstore Skincare

I picked up these goodies a while ago, but it took me a few weeks of using them to see if they really work. Soap and Glory always have big claims with their products, and very snazzy packaging. Do you guys think they work as well as they say?

No7 has very sleek packaging which is part of the appeal for me. These are quite different from each other as one is for day and the other is a richer, night cream. They both retail for under £15 and are sold at Boots which I classify as drugstore.

First up is Soap and Glory Speed Plump moisturiser. This has a light consistency, and almost feels like a CC cream. It's supposed to act as a blurring effect over your skin, and give you a radiant glow. I have oily skin so I use this sparingly, but I haven't found it to be greasy. This costs £13 and a small pea sized amount is enough for your face, so this will go a long way.

I think it would suit sensitive skin as well, I haven't found its aggravated my skin nor has it broken me out.

Next up is a cream I use mostly at nighttime - No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream. This is aimed at oilier skin types and has a much thicker consistency but isn't oily! I want to emphasise that, I have oily skin but it dries almost matte over the skin. Some days I will use this during the morning and my skin is very matte and smooth, it really depends on what foundation you're using over the top.

This is also £13 but I used a voucher from Boots for £5 off. These products are often made specifically for sensitive skin, and it feels very gentle on the skin without clogging my pores. I have been breaking out lately but it's been manageable and most probably hormonal.

Overall I've enjoyed both of these, and found they sit well on my skin. Often times I get dry patches, but these feel like they soothe my skin and balance it out - neither oily nor dried out.

Have you tried these?



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