Handbag Essentials For a Night Out

 Recently I've been drawn towards smaller, shoulder bags with chain straps or just something a little more special than my typical tote bag. This particular bag is from River Island and sadly is no longer available as I purchased it in the sales ages ago.

However, they are very much on trend again, and they are so easy to just grab and run out the door when in a rush as they're very light and will fit your must-haves. I love the pearl straps and how it has a very Chanel vibe, almost like one of their iconic jackets.

Aside from your necessities like keys and phone, which should always fit into the pocket or lengthways, these makeup items will get you through any evening and prevent embarrassing little mistakes! I always carry powder and lipgloss with me, as they always need topping up. These particular items are perfect because of their size and the fact they come with mirrors.

This palette is from Wibo, a Polish/ European brand. You can do your powder on the go as you have a contour shade, blush and a light powder. The mirror is quite big as well so you don't need to use the awful phone screen or a tiny pocket mirror. If you have a small retractable brush that would be ideal!

The perfume is a rollerball, and my favourite is one of Juicy Couture's selection. This one I believe is Peace, Love and Juicy but you can find any scent you love as these are light and discreet. I always find myself topping up on my wrists or offering it to friends because it just smells s
o good!

Last but not least, when your lipstick smudges or dries, this is a lifesaver. You can opt for lip balm if its a casual event, but I love this shade by CID Cosmetics. It comes with a mirror and a light so if you're out for the night and need to top up after having a few margaritas (or whatever takes your fancy) you don't even need to find a bathroom.

The colour itself is gorgeous and has a sheen to it so won't dry out your lips. I would recommend checking out their selection as I'm highly impressed with this shade. It is pink, but as it has a creamy formula you can dab a little on with your finger for a more sheer coating.

What other essentials do you guys have?



  1. great essentials, I never take much with me because I always feel that either someone is going to steal something or I'll lose it!

    lu | Coco&Louis

    1. Thanks! Yes I agree, I keep things to a minimum most of the time


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