Favourite Drugstore Brushes

For me, the application of makeup is more important than the actual makeup and a good brush or sponge can make all the difference when it comes to how the makeup sits on your skin. The cheapest foundation can look beautiful if you have the right tools in my opinion.

Below I've detailed some of my current favourites and why they work so well for me. Of course I love my beauty blenders too, but these are actual brushes and have a slightly different finish.

These three came in a set of about 6, and I purchased these online from Ali Express, a while ago, but nowadays every brand has these. I would recommend feeling the texture first and deciding whether you want a full kit or just a few face brushes. I reach more for 'powder blush' brushes from these but I've used them for everything. They are so soft and honestly feel like you're softly brushing your face or massaging it!

These were also very cheap but make great gifts for beauty lovers, and the hairs are so tightly packed that the colour is very pigmented, or the powder applies perfectly and doesn't look splotchy.

These two are again quite versatile and not your everyday brushes. The one on the left is by Makeup Revolution. They have a great range of brushes and makeup tools, which I plan on reviewing soon! They kind of act as a dupe for higher end brushes such as Nars, and the rose gold detailing is just perfect. This is specifically for contouring and the angled shape is ideal for cheekbones and nose contouring. I use only cream products with this one but I recommend buying a few different types to test out.

On the right is another Ali Express pick, the handle is very thin and curved which is ideal for light, natural applications but also for a flawless finish. Don't press too hard though as they could snap. Other than that, I love this one for a quick powder top up or bronzer on the cheeks.

Have you tried any of these?



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