What I Got For Christmas: Perfume Edition

Monday, December 26, 2016 Alexa W 4 Comments

With the Christmas period coming to an end, it's time for the totally self-indulgent 'hauls' to begin. I've already filmed my entire what I got for Christmas video, and now I wanted to break down a few of my favourite gifts in a blog post. 

Today is about my first impressions of Bulgari Mon Jasmin Noir perfume. This retails for around £35 individually, depending on where you go. This is the eau de toilette and I don't think either is actually eau de parfum, but the entire range is from L'eau Exquise which from my understanding just means a lighter version of 'de parfum'. 

Now with that French lesson out of the way, let's see how this compares. Both of the gift set bottles have the same scent, one is just more compact, and is a very woody, deep but floral scent. Of course the base note is jasmine but there seems to be undertones of amber or another deeper, woody scent. It is quite light and not exotic in the way YSL Elle is.

Gift sets are my favourite type of gift as every part is so special, it's like opening a babushka doll to find more and more inside. I also received the shower gel and body lotion, which is perfect for special occasions when you can match every scent, or forego perfume for a bit of lotion.

The lasting power so far has been good, and after a few hours there was a faint but distinct scent lingering which makes it ideal for daytime as it isn't overpowering but if anyone were to hug you, they would definitely detect the clean, elegant scent. I definitely recommend it from my experience, and the bottle itself is so glamorous, I love it!

Have you tried perfumes recently?


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  1. looks like an amazing gift!

    lu | Coco&Louis

    1. It is, so grateful! xx

  2. Ooh that sounds nice, I'm not really a huge perfume person, but you've definitely got me lusting for it!
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
    -Cait x


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