Weekly Fashion and Beauty Favourites

I think a new series is in order, as round up posts and collective favourites seem to work better, and get a better response, than focusing on one product. Plus, I won't have to write 943554 posts a month every time I buy a new product!

Today I have a few recent favourites that I've been really impressed with, and that fit perfectly for the season. First up is this Ali Express jumper with a bardot neckline. If you aren't familiar with the site, it is a bit like eBay but based in China. They have loads of on-trend pieces so if you want something for a wholesale price from individual stores, check it out.

This is definitely something you'd see in River Island, yet it cost less than £15! That was with shipping, and the quality is surprisingly nice. You can also adjust the neckline to suit your outfit, and the weather.

As you can see below, I opted for a smaller bardot neckline, and it still looked nice without bunching up as those tops sometimes do. The pink shade had me a little skeptical at first, but I love pastels and this would go with so many different pieces. They usually offer a selection of colours, so look around the site before picking one!

Last but not least, my nails. This week I've been loving this dark green Essie shade. This is Power Clutch, and I'm sure I've mentioned it before. I personally love adding a ring finger design when I have plain nails, and this Primark set was perfect as the little white heart matched the green without looking garish. These shades last quite a while, and although they aren't cheap, in three layers they're fully opaque and don't chip for four days minimum.

Have you guys tried any of these?



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