Pop Smile Teeth Whitening Kit Review

I finally took the plunge and decided to test out a Pop Smile kit. This is quite similar to other kits on the market which thanks to instagram have become very popular this year!

All the items in the kit are pictured below, so you can see step by step what products I use. I will also be doing a video tutorial using these if you guys are interested. It is actually surprisingly easy to use, even though doing this treatment at home seems intimidating. I'm using the kit for just five days, and I'll keep you posted!

I rarely do DIY treatments, but if I can master this so can you!

I use the pre-treatment swabs first across my teeth which like each step, is very gentle.
Then I apply the gel to the trays pictured above, and place it in my mouth kind of like a mouthguard. You basically sit like that for ten minutes with the LED light over your teeth which is the whitening process. 
After you rinse your mouth to remove excess product and that's it! The kit also includes a pen for touch ups which is perfect to bring with you on the go if you're travelling etc.

This is after one application, day 1.

It is a very subtle and gentle process so day 2, above, won't be a crazy difference but I'm starting to see that my teeth look brighter.

Will you guys be trying one out?



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