My Favourite Things | November

I haven't posted in a while, and sorry about that, but university really came down hard this month with about a trillion assignments and activities going on!

I wanted to cover a few of my favourite, and surprising bits from this month - all things that you can buy. First up is this Stonebaked Pizza dinner I had the other night. I was shocked to walk past as I have been doing for the past month and see a sign for 'vegan cheese' pizzas now available. 

They offer a build your own with unlimited toppings, so you can really customise it to any type you want. I had a mix of two vegan cheeses (soy and starch based) which tasted really good, definitely worth a try. I added olives, tomatoes, mushrooms and onion which are my favourite toppings.

Here are some flatlays which are my favourites, even just to admire in the morning without actually using them. This Sleek Solstice palette is divine and offers such a variation that you can suit any skin tone or type of highlight. Next is the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar palette which Ive had for ages and somehow always reach for. The colour payoff is amazing and a little goes a long way. These are all cheap drugstore products, so I would recommend you pick them up if possible!
Finally, is Urban Decay Illuminated Aura highlighter. This is expensive but so versatile, I fell in love with it as soon as I saw the glimmer in Sephora. It would look amazing dusted on your cheekbones and collar bones.

Here are my favourite perfumes this month - transitioning from day to night. Ferragamo Signorina is a delicate and feminine scent which lasts all day and I love spraying the ends of my hair as I can smell it all day long! Next is YSL Black Opium - such a cult favourite that I had to wait to order it from Boots last Christmas. This is a deeper eau de parfum, much sexier and deeper but with a hint of spice. I'd recommend trying out one of the YSL scents.

What are your faves?



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