Makeup Removing Towels | Do They Work?

I recently received the Nova Makeup Remover Towels, and today I have a review for you all about my first impression and whether I would recommend them.

These retail for £10 and can be found on the link above, in the package you receive two towels which I believe are the same size. These are honestly so soft and not like the typical face towel which feels rough on the skin.

My skin wasn't at all agitated or reddened as it usually might be with scrubbing my makeup off. These feel a bit like blankets for your face, and I used only one side to remove my entire face. (of makeup that is!)

I wet the towel under warm water for about 10 seconds then just used it as a normal makeup wipe across my face and I was so shocked to see how much it took off at once! In about three full swipes my entire face except for mascara had come off! With mascara I had to spend a little more time but other than that this would be a great way to quickly remove your makeup at night.

I would probably recommend these, as I haven't had any issues and apart from having to rinse and wash the towel after each use, it is a very quick and easy way to clean your skin without needing 5 million different products.

Will you be trying it out?



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