Autumn Fashion Essentials

I wanted to break down a few of my favourite pieces, as instagram always seems to get the better end of the stick. (Or however that saying goes)

These are all high street, and classic pieces that go around the trend cycle so you're safe buying classic essentials like these. The first is a top from H&M that I picked up last winter. It's made with that nylon fabric which clings to your body. This is tucked into high waisted jeans so it looks like a bodysuit.

I find it to be very flattering, and tucked in, it will definitely hide any less flattering angles. I prefer a low shoulder, but you can make this into a bardot style top so it's really versatile.

These jeans are by New Look, and my go-to high street brand. They are perfect for shorter tops, and the way they sit on your hips creates a more hourglass figure, which let's face it, who doesn't want that illusion?

This was picked up in a vintage shop, but polo necks are simple to style and in literally every shop right now. Primark does cheap essentials like tank tops, t-shirts etc well so check them out if you want to keep it under £10.

This dark green is flattering for blondes and green eyes, but this shade would honestly suit anyone, so don't be afraid to experiment with colour this season!

I keep accessories to a minimal as well, and these rings are from H&M. The gold fits really nicely with racing green and I received a few compliments, so I guess I did ok with this outfit.



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