Top 3 Autumn Candles

This is quite a simple post, but I wanted to show you guys what I've been loving this season. I usually stick to the typical Yankee Candles but I do have quite a variety now so it's not the usual "roasting by the fireplace" crap you get...

The main scents I'm loving are all very warm, as the rest of mine are citrusy and light. 

Blissful Autumn, Mandarin Cranberry, Iris & Tuberose

These are all available online and I often use discount codes as shipping can be a nightmare. The Bahoma candle I picked up in Tk Maxx, so they're very easy to find in the UK. This one is floral, but with a hint of light musk so it smells like a spa rather than a garden. It's almost a very Middle Eastern scent, which I personally love as it has deeper notes.

The Yankee Candles are lighter but still have that caramel, warm and crisp undertone to them. If you love the gimmicky seasonal candles, I recommend checking out this year's collection!



  1. I've been trying to steer clear of all the Yankee Candle offers dropping into my inbox (why oh why did I click subscribe when I last ordered haha), but now I may have to have a peek. I love their festive ranges, and I got the mandarin cranberry one a couple of years ago - it smelt SO GOOD

    Steph -

    1. Ahh yes those are not good haha! Thanks for the feedback ♥️

  2. Omg I am such a candle addict. I love the Blissful Autumn. It's giveaway on my blog, so check out :)

    Charming Coco


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