Printed Blazers & Adidas

I am absolutely partial to pairing a casual daytime outfit with sporty shoes aka. trainers. I've done it many times, and anyone who thinks it looks tacky can go run around with blistered heels.

Ok, but in all honesty, they are so comfy and add an edge to any outfit, provided they are Nike or Adidas. These are the original superstar pair, in classic white with gold embellishments and I think pairing them with a bomber jacket is so simple and chic.

I love the shape of these trainers, and I can't believe these are my first ever pair. They retail for about £80 and a worthwhile investment if you are a casual kind of girl. The white and black make it easy to pair with any kind of bottoms and get away with as white doesn't even count as a colour, right?

The jacket is the piece de resistance for this look, as it's the only colour but it kind of makes a statement. This I picked up from the M&S sale during September, and it was on sale for £29. I found one remaining in a size 6 and miraculously, fit into it! It is supposed to be baggy but because of the size it's a little more form fitting on me.

The plain t-shirt is from Forever 21. A cheap and easy classic to add to any colour blocking wardrobe, this was only $3 a few years back, and I even saw Spencer on PLL wearing it!

The jeans are from New Look I believe, I haven't checked as my trouser drawer is a jumble of black and denim but they were very affordable. They are a straight leg cut so not as constricting as skinny jeans but still flatter your legs and with a thicker material, they can be very forgiving.

My bag which I didn't really show, was a free gift with purchase a few years back so I can't even tell you the brand. But you know those bags you get for free that just come in handy for shopping, or the beach, well this is one of those. Here's a little close up of my makeup which was a warm bronze.



  1. Lovely jacket design, you look beautiful, you can be an art muse!

    Madame X
    The Flower Duet

  2. I loveeeeee this outfit. I got the same pair of Adidas and feel like it matches everything. ♡

  3. Thanks 💓 I love them!


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