Morphe 35U Palette Review + Swatches

I have actually written a post about this palette before, but I wanted to re-review it. I just filmed a tutorial using these shades, and I forgot how much I love them. As a youtube fanatic I heard so much about this brand and so I started off my obsession with the 35U. They have a lot of choices, and although they are affordable, I've only heard good things.

This is a very warm and shimmery selection, which is why I picked it up at a time when I was still building up my collection. I do only pick up expensive pieces here and there, and the majority of my collection is drugstore so read on if you're on a budget like me!

Here is every single shade, as you can see they are quite crazy colours you'd only wear on a night out, halloween or if you're an instagram model. These would go perfectly for halloween tutorials which sadly I don't have time for this year. Or mixing them together to get a gorgeous warm, smoky look - e.g the oranges and browns.

I stick to the highlight, golden shades which you can see I've stabbing at with blending brushes... This costs a meagre £20 on average, so its not much of a splurge. But if you're looking for a gift, I guarantee your friend will love you for buying this! As you'll see in a minute, the colour payoff is fantastic.

I think these would last such a long time, and I've used them about 5-6 times in tutorials and theres barely a dent. There is minimal fallout which is unexpected for such a cheap brand, but I would start off with the eyes just to be safe.

These are the most beautiful in my opinion, and the most unique. You won't find many drugstore palettes with shades like this, and they could suit literally any eye colour. I would even use a smudge of these on the lower lash line for some colour without going ott.

Here is the finished look on my eyes, the full tutorial will be up soon but I love how warm and softly blended they turned out. The transition colour, a brown shimmery shade, fit so well with the shimmery brow bone highlight.

Have you guys tried Morphe?



  1. Such a pretty palette. I love colorful palettes.

    Charming Coco

    1. IKR! So many fab looks to create


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