Kylie Cosmetics Bronze Palette

I've been trying out a lot of surprising products lately, and they all come from Kylie Cosmetics. Let me start off with I love watching KUWTK to fuel my reality tv love, but I did not think I would be buying into Kylie's makeup. I initially thought her lip kit was a fantastic business strategy and lucrative for those who idolise her.

But after reviewing that product, and actually enjoying it, I thought as a beauty blogger it was my duty to try out the latest product. Read on for my first thoughts:

The packaging is fabulous, and exactly what you'd expect when looking at her instagram page. Its simple but glamorous at the same time and for $42 you may as well be getting 24 carat gold with your blimming palette!

These are the 9 shades you get inside, and although there isn't a mirror, the shadows are huge and I think they would last a while. These are not shades you can simply apply liberally,  at least I had to carefully blend them.

They are very warm and vibrant, as she has brown eyes I believe this is the kind of look she would wear on a daily basis. But I do think these shades can work as subtle liner or lower lash line shadows and suit pale skin, or green eyes etc.

Here are all the swatches, the highlight shade is the lightest and most faint but worked for me as a brow bone colour. The rest are quite pigmented and on a makeup brush they blend out very nicely. I had minimal fallout, so as far as consistency goes I think she did a good job with this one.

As for 'copying' other brands ingredients, if you want to pay for good quality, you will subsequently also pay for the brand name. So I think Too Faced, ABH etc are equally good if not better but the price points are all the same.

Let me know if you've ever tried this out, and if you're interested in picking it up



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