Drugstore Pamper Routine Must-haves

Friday, October 07, 2016 Alexa W 4 Comments

Today I have a little roundup of skincare essentials for after a (literal) rough patch. With the weather going haywire and windier days, it's important to update our skincare routine and moisturise whether you have dry or oily skin.

I personally have combination skin, with an oilier t-zone. These products may not be ideal for everyone, but they are just to give you guys an outline of the essentials.

1. A body oil (The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Oil)

I use this for a pedicure pamper session, as it sinks into your skin overnight and if you wear some cozy socks, they feel so soft! We forget that walking, or worse - in heels, on a daily basis takes it toll. This would be perfect after a good body scrub as well.

2. A rich body lotion (just like your tea, men, and coffee) - Champneys Citrus Blush Lotion

This was reviewed in my september favourites, but I love the bright and fruity scent of this. It feels so luxurious as well as it has a thicker consistency but sinks into your skin like a dream. The next morning you'll wake up smelling of oranges and like you've had a spa experience.

3. A face scrub (Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Jelly Scrub)

This doesn't have to be a rough texture, there are lots catered to sensitive skin which would work well if you break out easily. I like this refreshing Boots one, and it keeps my skin smooth after a week of full makeup. This is important to clear out your pores, and prevent any kind of foundation caking!

4. A face Serum (Trophy Skin Argan Serum)

This is a light and easily absorbed gel which can work at anytime of the day. I have mentioned them before, and this has a very refreshing scent and can even be used under or over another skin treatment. After a light gel, I find my skin calms down and looks plumped over time, without clogging my skin.

5. An eye cream (No7 Protect and Perfect Eye Cream)

This is an affordable but worthwhile investment. I love using this at night as it is a thicker consistency and blends in very smoothly. It needs time to sink in, but patting on a quick dollop of cream makes all the difference to your eye area. In colder months this is especially important.

What are your essentials?


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