BriAA Skincare Review

I feel so fortunate to receive so many products to test out, but these did actually take me a while to try! I haven't even tried half of them, at least not enough to give an overall view, so today is a roundup of the brand and my first impressions.

The brand is BriAA who I hadn't heard of before today, although their products are certainly impressive. The packaging was beautiful, which can't be said for all brands who sometimes throw their products into bubble wrap and thats it. As bloggers, I think we all appreciate a bit of aesthetic.

This mask smells so lovely, it is definitely something anyone could use and possibly love. I can't report back on the results yet, but my skin looks and feels so smooth and moisturised so thats got to be a good thing, right?

These little sachets are samples of their masks, which I can't wait to compare as they may become one of my favourites. Im running low on a soothing, replenishing mask so these will hopefully do the trick.
The cleansing gel feels very light on the skin, and is just to clear your face from makeup etc, but it isn't one of those harsh drugstore washes that strip the skin of all moisture. If you have dry skin, I would recommend these.

Last but not least, are some full size masks and cleanser which was a lovely addition to the package. How beautiful is this logo? I love the bright red, it definitely leaves an impression when you first see it. They all smell very similar, with a light and fresh scent, its a welcome improvement from the chemicaly scent many face washes have.

These are all based on anti-aging which can work for any skin type, but particularly sensitive and dry skin which is more prone to signs of ageing. Let me know if you try this out!



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