Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

This is such an exciting purchase, I put this post at the top of my list! I finally got my hands on the new Anastasia Beverly Hills palette. Although, by this point they're probably going to release a Christmas palette made from 24c gold...

The general price is £41 so it is definitely an investment palette, unless you're lucky enough to have someone buy it for you. (Roll on the sugar daddies) The shades are gorgeous, and the packaging is equally impressive. If you are very into aesthetically pleasing makeup, this is almost as good as Too Faced.

It is a very simple and elegant palette, as the whole brand is very much so, and is something I'll want to repurchase in the future for sure. This is cheaper than Kat Von D but at the same time, they aren't comparable so whichever high end palette you're eyeing up, is entirely up to you!

This one is great for autumn and winter too, and if you want to try something bold and maybe do a makeup tutorial, this is guaranteed to be popular. Im already thinking of all the combinations I could do for Christmas inspired looks!

Here are all the shades, they feel very smooth during application and aren't flaky which is such a relief. They swatch well, so Im hoping this means they have longevity.

My favourite shades, the pink is very unique and the others are very warm, copper based shades. There is as expected, a mix of shimmer and matte which can work for anyone and mixed together, they should blend perfectly.

Overall, the detail put into this palette is amazing, and I can't wait to test it out more. Watch out for my November favourites...



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