Sailor Stripes & Sunsets

I was so lucky to experience a new, and beautiful sunset everyday in Croatia. I documented pretty much all of it, looking like a paparazzo for the sun! I could never get bored of looking at the sky, and something about holidays just makes it so much more special. 

This was an evening outfit that I chose for dinner, and kind of a I need to finish up all my options before going home kind of look. Nonetheless, I think the top was so cute and I managed to add colour without looking like a child, so hoorah!

This top is from Primark, and a fab find over the summer I might add. I love the stripes and subtle orange tones, and the fact that it's a bardot style.

The shorts (which were so flattering!) are by Missguided and have already been featured by them on their site. They are loose but not baggy, and yes there is a difference. They hug your waist but flare out so no need to feel self conscious of your bum or hips.

This was taken in Mlini, the area we stayed in. The water was so calm, and really pleasant to listen to during meals and the waves were so tiny, it was just a really relaxing atmosphere. I also had a bit of a tan so I didn't blend into the sky...

I added this vintage gold necklace that I borrowed  from my mum, and it went perfectly as bardot style tops can make an outfit look quite plain with no jewellery.

The sandals are by Primark. My mum even commented that they look expensive, even though they were a 2013 £8 purchase! I love the suede material and the gold bar and bow tie, anything excessive is basically my footwear of choice!



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