Palazzo Pants & The Rolling Stones

This has got to be by far my favourite outfit from New York. It's more edgy than I'm used to, but in a city like this, and on vacation, I always make exceptions. It's something to do with not being in regular surroundings, and like it's almost a different life!

I bought all items on quite a whim, not expecting to style them with any one item so I'm glad I've found ways to incorporate them into my day to day outfits.

This was my favourite "shoot" from the holiday - on top of the world - literally. The Rockerfeller Centre is amazing, and in the summer the views are to die for. You can go up nearly three floors when at the top, and it's all very efficiently organised.

The trousers are from Marks & Spencer - from their summer sale rack, my mum actually suggested them to me and after trying them on I felt an urge to buy them for the holiday. I wore them to death over there, so they're going to back of my closet for a while...

Here I am in front of the infamous Chuck Bass hotel.. my top is quite fitting for the upscale but trendy vibe of the area. It's from Primark, as part of their summer branded collections - usually they stock Disney, bands etc. It's kind of cool to have this despite not buying it as tour merchandise.

Here again on the Met Steps, the Adidas trainers work well to keep the look casual, and with the flowing legs of the trousers, they are mostly covered. As they're white and have an almost 'boot' shape, you can wear them with a lot of items. Everything was dark, or monochrome so I think I can get away with mixing patterns!

Last but not least, my bag is by Celiné. This is like my little baby, I always try to be delicate with it as I don't want the leather to have any wear and tear. I chose a black and white style so as to wear it with anything. Plus it was a little cheaper than the other crazy styles and materials.

The pom pom is by Missguided and I love attaching small accessories such as these to bags to add a touch of glam or to liven up my outfit.



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