NYC Guide: Where to Eat

Thursday, September 01, 2016 Alexa W 0 Comments

As I'm recovering from jet lag (although I had night flights) I thought I would round up my guide to the city from all the excessive pictures I took. The exciting shopping hauls will be up soon too, but here are my favourite places to eat:

Corner Cafe & Bakery

This was located near our hotel on the Upper East Side. It's a mid range brunch location with classic American choices, and a few vegan ones too! I opted for a fruit platter which was really filling, I didn't even finish it. I also had an iced coffee which is something totally new for a Brit - a jug filled with coffee and ice, and a side of milk. I was quite hungover then, and I know my friends enjoyed their waffles here, altogether it was about $60.

Akami Sushi

This is the ideal sushi location on Lexington Avenue. I believe it was on the east side of the avenue, walking distance from our hotel, and has a dark, intimate vibe. Probably a good place for a first date too. I had vegetable maki for the most part - pumpkin tempura was the most delicious, as it reminded me of seafood with a crunchy texture. They also do great bento boxes.


This is another American (Mexican?) classic - the upscale version of Taco Bell for betches. We went to the larger location near Rockefeller Centre. I opted for a bowl - all vegan choices off the menu - although burritos are delicious too! We shared salsa and guacamole with chips as a side between two of us. I ate it all shamelessly, but it is a large portion and very filling. Always a good stop if you're tired and need a snack.


I had delicious gnocchi here as well, a very filling and rich lunch. Eataly has multiple locations and has a huge crowd of people from Upper East Side moms to German tourists. It's worth heading to a large one as they have four restaurants and a supermarket right there - this one is near the Flatiron Building. This is one of my most popular instagram shots and no wonder! I highly recommend stopping for some gelato here, I went with coconut and berries which as far as I know are vegan. The coconut literally tasted like it was freshly shredded from Bali or something insane, a refreshing treat on a 30 degree day.

I'm afraid I don't remember the name of this Italian place, it was on Lexington Avenue which is huge and only one of many European choices. It's one of the best I've ever been to as the tomato sauce tasted so fresh and the texture was just right - not too greasy or runny. This cost about $25 with water, but you get a delicious starter of tapenade and fresh bread. And the staff exceeded my expectations.


This is another Upper East Side joint, a must for Gossip Girl fans, as my friend informed me that they  mentioned this at some point on the show... I ordered oatmeal for brunch which came with raisins, brown sugar which melted beautifully and slice apples. There was a hint of cinnamon which tied the whole meal together and it really was a large portion. The iced tea was really good too, a nice alternative to morning coffee.

Let me know your fave places!


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