My Bikini Collection

Thursday, September 22, 2016 Alexa W 0 Comments

I thought this post would be quite appropriate considering Ive just had my last warm vacation for some time, and what better way to welcome the colder months than to mourn the summer body that was?...

Here is the swimwear I brought with me for six days of sunbathing, I mixed and matched quite a bit!

This was my favourite combination, although I brought matching bottoms to this bikini top, I love the crazy print and bright blue tones mixed with a simple bottom. I wore this at least on two days! These are from sixty 8ight (a brand sold in Asia).

I felt kind of cool, but also kind of nonchalant like yeah I'm just trying to shade my face, and what wearing this baseball cap. I just ordered it on a whim from amazon so thats absolutely a good place to find a cheap accessory, otherwise I've found you'll just be paying for the brand name.

I paired this again with simple Primark bottoms, a light grey as the matching top didn't fit well and just wasn't that cute. This is also a great pick for the larger ladies who want more support, as the frills hide your midriff a bit, and the ties are all adjustable.

This is a simple Adidas piece, pictured in many instagram shots, which I loved as it was obviously comfortable for water activities but cut out and tight enough to slim your body and create the best tan lines.

This is again a Primark top, a tie-dyed effect which I love, although a bit on the skimpy side. I loved adding a body chain for a bit of style and to jazz up any bikini set.

Yes, I matched floral with tie-dye but on the beach - anything goes. I think they worked quite well as the bright shades balanced the other out and as they're adjustable it is most comfortable and suitable for any size.

This is my all time favourite suit - from 6ixty8ight  - it looks like a bikini or even tankini - but its just a one piece. I bought it for Bali last year and it's been with me ever since for each holiday. I love the bright cobalt blue and almost 50's style of it. Its somewhat conservative but also quite sexy with all the cutouts.


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