Italian Dinners & Sequins

 These were taken on our last official dinner in Mlini, Dubrovnik. To encapsulate a fantastic holiday, we enjoyed a sunset at a local restaurant and I ate delicious truffle linguine and drank wine (duh). I really love the top I picked for the occasion, and I honestly don't own anything else like it!

Read on for the full outfit:

We had an almost oceanside view, and the sunset was glorious although it gave a gross orange tinge to my photos so I can't really instagram them! This top is from ASOS and is hand stitched so it really look very detailed up close. It's multi-coloured sequins in tank top form, its perfect for holidays or special daytime occasions.

The shorts are again the only simple pair I brought with me - from Missguided. I didnt tuck the top in, but it works as the shorts are partially covered by the top. I stuck to a simple monochrome palette with some red thrown in because who wears colour in the UK?

The shoes were by New Look - a pair of cork and straw wedges which are navy but can go with anything as they're basically sandals. Here is a close up of my makeup,  this is how I did it nearly every night.

Minimal colour with lots of bronze and bright lipsticks. I can never be bothered with heavy looks abroad but I wanted to try something beachy.

What do you guys think?



  1. You look like a doll. Gorgeous.

  2. You look gorgeous! I love your make up!


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