Dubrovnik OOTD

Forgive the belated posts, I'm suffering from post-holiday blues. Speaking of which, this gorgeous little chain handbag was my go-to for the trip, and will probably in every outfit post! It went with everything and added a little bit of colour that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to wear.

Read on for details of my outfit, and why this one is so exciting!

My top was a last minute splurge at River Island, and I'm so glad I got it. I love off the shoulder/bardot necklines and the metallic print was perfect for a foreign excursion as you'll never see those people again if you look tacky! I got a lot of compliments though and it went well with high waisted shorts.

The bag is a timeless investment from Salvatore Ferragamo, and just big enough to fit my phone and lipstick. Thank goodness my mum was there to carry the important things like my sunglasses and camera. The pop of blue was so adorable with every outfit, as it is such a small addition it won't really  clash.

My shorts helped me get featured on Missguided, so they were a fabulous purchase. The plain and loose black print makes them easy for all occasions and I could even tuck the ruched top for a better silhouette.

The shoes are from New Look, and a rather old purchase that I only bring out for the right weather (read: vacations abroad). I had a minimal tan here but somehow I pulled off light pastel shades. Accessories were foregone because more sparkles may have made me look like a lighthouse, touring the port of Dubrovnik.

Have any of you visited?



  1. Cute look and I love the metallic top, wow you are so tall!

    The Flower Duet

    1. haha yep, nearly 6ft! And thanks 😊

  2. Cute style.


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