First Day in New York

I've been writing random posts here and there, but before I set off for my next trip I wanted to finish my posts about New York. Today is all about the crazy experience I had when I first arrived!

My friends wanted to go to a bar for drinks, and rooftops were the only option we could possibly do, so I agreed even though I had barely had time to wash my hands! I slapped on some quick makeup (more like blended and patted..) then changed into a Zara top I've never worn and headed out.

We ended up going to Marquee club which was right next door to the bar we were at, which was perfect! The drinks were very strong but we had our own table which is always the way to go when clubbing.

Before that we went to Hotel Americano which had the most amazing views of the Empire State Building (?) and New York's downtown skyline. We went to their gorgeous La Piscine bar during the evening and then walked over to the club, which I recommend doing if you're visiting with girlfriends.

This is the first cocktail my friend and I had, I believe it was rum based and possibly named Americano but it had a subtle sweet aftertaste with quite bitter alcohol and mixers. They were all good, and the atmosphere was very chilled out, which is ideal for my first night there!

I love this top, it looks elegant but a little more edgy with the cut out, let's face it, as edgy as I could ever be! It's great for summer but you can throw a blazer over the top for daytime. I bought it last year in the Zara sales and I'm so glad I found an opportunity to wear it out.

Have you guys visited NYC recently?



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