Vision Boards: Do They Work?

Today I have a very exciting post - it correlates with my new video about Law of Attraction. I started a virtual vision board too, which I'll get into soon, but below I've detailed why and how I use a physical board.


I discovered LOA last year and ever since I love finding new and inventive ways to make my life better. This is a great way to focus upon specific goals - as you'll see below, my images are all cutouts from magazines featuring the most beautiful, happy images. I used a lot of models for the vain aspects of my manifestations and then location photos for my travel goals. 
Seeing these everyday will not only remind you what you want, but it will be engrained in your mind with a positive emotion attached to it, so it motivates you to work harder and sends positive vibes to the universe


I luckily found a large Elle magazine (sorry Bey) to cut out from cover to back to use instead of a large board. You can buy a cork board and pin things on traditionally, and even use photos but I find this temporary method easier. Then I sellotaped the images on, like a collage. Mine is officially broken into sections - e.g - health, career, appearance... You can focus on only one thing if you want, but then make sure you can see it wherever it is in your home.

There is a ton more information online about these, even offering scientific evidence of how it works, but since I placed it over my bedroom fireplace three weeks ago, I've seen three of the images in billboard form in lots of public places. Just a coincidence right?....

I use a pinterest one too, its easy in electronic form and you can log on anytime to see your (private) board and visualise those goals manifesting.



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