Mean Girls References & Colour Blocking

I tried out a little more laid-back and summery style the other day, and documented it for you guys, as lets be honest - this is a rare occasion! I head out for New York next week so definitely then I will be wearing lighter, airy fairy type clothing to mark the end of summer.

These sunglasses are featured in my newest haul as well, and I love the cat eye style even all these years after the trend started. As for the colour blocking, grey was all I could muster that day without looking like I was going to some weirdly themed festival or barbecue.

The casual hair flip has probably become my signature move, and that day was no exception. This skirt is very flattering as it smooths over lumps but hugs your bum like no other! This is from Dorothy Perkins I believe, and it's rather simple but oh so gorgeous.

I paired simple grey (albeit sparkly) Converse with this look for a casual, daytime look.  A light t-shirt tucked in works great with high waisted clothes, as would a flowy crop top. This one is from H&M and I bought it on sale in Beijing last year. It says 'you can sit with us' which I love...mostly because it's a reference to the best throwback chick flick.

Do you guys like matching in summer or going all out?



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