Kylie Cosmetics Candy K Lip Kit Review

I ordered this lip kit on a whim, but after a lot of deliberation (bear with me). I've seen these everywhere, as any social media beauty fanatic has, and they do genuinely look like great liquid lipsticks. I love the sleek packaging, I'm impressed if Kylie designed these herself!

I chose candy K as this is the most natural whilst still providing some colour. Below are all the pictures of my initial thoughts on the product. I did have a tinted lip balm on underneath so perhaps they aren't true to colour, but I wanted moisturised lips.

This retails for approximately £20, depending on where you buy it. The shipping can be a real biotech if you order with her company, but eBay etc all have good offers and I do think most of them are real.   This set comes with a lip liner and lipstick if you didn't know, so you get both in one package and thats approximately £10 each.

Again, it's all very sleek, so you're paying partly for the name let's be honest. I did bite the bullet but that was what made me initially hesitant. After watching both I was really excited to try them out!

The liner is more soft and creamy, so it blends like a dream, and can be worn just on its own for a no-makeup kind of day. The lipgloss/lipstick is more intense and a lot comes out of the tube, so be warned as it is also hard to scrub off your hand...

Here is a before, of just the balm on my lips.

And after, i did layer it up as the lines were a bit uneven but overall I did a decent job, and it still manages to look glossy with the balm underneath! It does dry matte, but it doesn't feel drying, just like a layer of product over the lips.

Is it worth the price? That depends on the individual, boring I know, but everyone reacts differently and I have no complaints so if you're willing to shell out the cash, you'll really enjoy this one.



  1. I have Dolce K and True Brown K, and some I'm getting two of her glosses (one of her birthday collection). I do think they are great but it really depends on the person. For me they do dry fast and all but they don't last that much on my lips, but they do on one of my friends (we bought them together). You are right, you are mostly paying for the name, but they are not bad products at all.

    lu | Coco&Louis

    1. thanks for the feedback 😊

  2. Pretty color, and your lips are so lovely, especially your upper lip ;)



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