IceBar London

Thanks to Groupon, I've had so many fabulous experiences in London at half the price. If you guys haven't purchased/signed up with them I would recommend it as these type of discount websites can really make a difference to your summer.

Most recently, I went to Ice Bar in central London with my cousin, and it was actually a really fun experience. The novelty of it all, is in the drink you get in the 'cold bar' - I went for Live and Let Die (champagne, creme de cassis...) and my cousin had More Than a Moment.

You get a huge coat to obviously keep you warm over your summer attire, and gloves as everything there is made from ice. It is a relatively small space but there are no more than 20 people in at one time so it's enough space to take photos and chill out (pun intended).

Don't underestimate the size of the ice glass, after that in such a cold environment, the alcohol went straight to my head. We also had a warm bar cocktail in the offer which was equally lovely.

If you love rock music, and a chilled out vibe then this is the place for you!

Mine was a Rhubarb Fizz - another champagne based drink so as not to get drunk, and my cousin had Suicide Blonde which is apt considering she's a platinum blonde (Harley Quinn, anyone?)

Mine was very sweet, and delicious and hers was lime based but for about £30 this was definitely worth it.

This is me channeling my inner Blair Waldorf - my necklace was a present from my cousin and is a European brand but I will feature it in a later post. My top which yes, co-ordinates with my jewellery is from H&M.



  1. Have heard such great things about this place! Looks like so much fun!! x


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