Greenwich for the Day

Saturday, August 06, 2016 Alexa W 0 Comments

Recently I went to Greenwich with my cousin, and it really is a fabulous summer day out destination.
If you live in or near London, I recommend you visit - its only a short DLR visit away and has amazing photo backdrops!

It was a warm but windy day, and we later went to Zizzi's for lunch where I had some amazing vegan pizza. Below are the photos of my outfit.

The 'Celfie' top I bought on eBay during my slogan top craze, it's about £10 depending where you buy it, but these play on words logos are very popular and are all over etsy, aliexpress etc. If you didn't know, it is a reference to Celine, whose bag I actually used that day too.

My plain trousers are by Mango but unfortunately the sizing wasn't right and in a size 10, I had to use a belt to cinch them at the waist otherwise I might look like a guy trying to look cool with sagging trousers...

The jacket which I love for throwing over any casual outfit, is by Pretty Little Thing and I've featured it loads in the past. The natural and silk panels make it more interesting but easy to integrate into any outfit.

Last but not least, the accessories are a mix of high and low - just how I like them! The bag is by Céline and is some kind of tote, I don't remember the model name. Black bags are so easy to use, and this one fit everything I needed for the day. My gold ring is by H&M and it's great for adding a little extra to an outfit without being flashy.

My shoes were simple Nike trainers so I didn't show them but overall it was a comfortable and somewhat trendy outfit.

Let me know your thoughts!


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