Asian Mushroom & Noodle Soup Recipe

I have a much needed update to my recipe list today, a healthy and hearty soup recipe. You can cool this down and it eat cold as well, I don't want to subject you guys to that during this summer heat!

The ingredients are rather simple, as some recipes call for the first hair of your newborn baby...or something like that...which are so tough to find at your local supermarket. These can all be found in Tesco or a 'health shop'. 

First off, you need to sauté red onion and garlic if you want that extra flavour. I always use olive oil or toasted sesame oil when frying as it smells amazing. Once they start to brown add a vegetable stock cube with boiling water (about a cup) into the mix.

Next I add the shiitake mushrooms, which taste amazing and much lighter and nuttier than regular mushrooms. These are pricier, but really, it's cheaper than ordering this at a restaurant so for your family it makes a nice treat. Then I add in chopped celery, as it was part of a recipe and also once it's boiled it becomes softer and blends with the other vegetables.

This is a pretty simple mix so far, just requiring a lot of chopping and whisking around the pan.

The fun part is at the end - adding the rice noodles, lemongrass for flavour (taken out before serving) and three tablespoons of coconut milk.

You can then season to your liking, adding coriander, herbs etc. I left it at that as the flavour was rich and I wanted a lighter, less spicy serving. It takes about 20 minutes altogether and is so worth it!



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