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Tuesday, July 12, 2016 Alexa W 4 Comments

Writing 'wish lists' is one of my favourite series to write, as I get to shop vicariously through my posts! Today is based around fashion, which are the most fun to write for me. You guys may have heard of DressLily before - a fabulous online clothing company - who reached out to me for a collaboration with their new pieces.
Below are my four top picks for summer, that I would recommend for you guys (they have free shipping!) and that I'm kind of lusting over.

 This bohemian style dress is perfect for holidays and cover-ups at the pool. I can see myself wearing this over a bikini to breakfast by the beach...not quite sure which I want more right now...

 Linking back to summer holidays, this donut towel is so adorable. They have a few different designs, and this reminds me a lot of the current trend for pool inflatables which have taken over instagram. Isn't this just so insta-worthy?!

 This is very reminiscent of Gossip Girl for me, the clean lines mixed with trendy prints is so Blair Waldorf. I'm not usually one for quirky clothing, but this fruit print is adorable and not overwhelming as it has a black background and I love the tie detail at the waist.

This final piece is very out of my comfort zone, but it is such a gorgeous, retro design. It reminds me of something someone in LA would wear for some odd reason, but thats not to say I wouldn't wear this to the park with friends or for dinner with the (imaginary) boyfriend.

DressLily have a fab range of items, from rings to headbands to bandage dresses. They often have sales of up to 70% off so take a look round the site, it definitely took me a while to decide how many items to pick up! 


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    1. Thanks! They are all going on my to buy list 🙌🏻

  2. Love these!! x


    1. Glad to hear it! Great minds think alike haha


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