Summer Nights OOTD

As those of us living in the UK know, the weather is constantly being a drama queen and acting unpredictably. I've grown used to layering now, as it's the only way to have a weather appropriate outfit (and not be shivering in a tank top!)

I recently went out for dinner with friends, and wore my version of a summer outfit. I don't know about you, but I usually reserve the summer dresses and flip flops for holidays and wear regular spring/winter clothing during the summer. I paired this ensemble with black jeans and ballet flats, but the top half was my favourite!

My t-shirt is from H&M, and I picked it up during their spring collection but they have fun graphic tops every season. I love the flashy snake design, and this green is very unique from other t-shirts I own. I paired it with neutral shades so as not to go overboard.

The jacket is from Pretty Little Thing, and it has satin panels on the bottom half which I love. It's  peach and beige which means it goes with almost anything. Plus its a light material so it's easy to throw over a top for evenings but not as thick as a coat.

My jewellery is always a mix and match, some pieces are dirt cheap whilst others are spit-your-tea-out-expensive... I luckily got my hands on (literally) a Cartier Love ring which is a rose gold shade with subtle diamonds in the band, and a H&M midi ring on sale in a pack for £1.99.

These are some of my favourite colour combos, and I love to wear different textures and materials as it makes an outfit more versatile. Do you guys like mixing things up, or keeping to one style?



  1. Love that jacket!!! So cute! You look fab! x


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