Relaxing Summer Morning Routine

This is typically something I would make a video about, but since my week is jam packed and photos are much easier to edit, I'm writing a post about it for you guys!

I think every girl will relate when I say each season requires a different morning routine, and summer is probably my favourite. Light and girly pyjamas are a must, followed by laying in bed, all cozy and (overly) warm. Below are three key moments in my routine that I've been doing this summer.

1. Tea Time

I was recently sent these tea samples from Pique which is a brand I've been very impressed with. This definitely looks like a fancier cup of tea than those I'm used to. The one I opted for today was sencha green tea which was crystallised. The beauty blogger in me just wanted to photograph it, but once it's dissolved it has a very distinct flavour.

Tea is definitely something 'healthier' I opt for in the morning, for an energy boost but also to relax before starting my day. This green tea is a good coffee alternative, and had a lighter taste than traditional green tea.

2. Technology Cravings 

Time to then ruin the tranquil environment by switching on my laptop. I always have my phone and laptop handy by the bed as I usually switch them on within 5 minutes of waking up. I'll check up on what I missed during the night - notifications, news and texts. Often there isn't much but it's good to know what I'll be focused on during the day. Scrolling through instagram inspires me for blog posts and photo ideas for that day!

My screensaver obviously has to be Disney related, and seeing this really boosts my mood. I'll sit with the curtains open and the sun pouring in whilst preparing posts and chatting to friends. Often with breakfast I'll also watch youtube videos as I have more time during the summer.

3. Beauty Bits 

Last but not least, the beauty essentials for summer mornings. The background was a little gloomy but typically I'll stick to three products - a protective moisturiser, body spray and hand cream.

After cleansing etc, I'll apply a thick cream such as Soap and Glory BB Cream with SPF25 which makes for a great base. Then after getting dressed this Victoria's Secret body spray gives me a little boost and makes me feel like I've actually gotten ready. Plus this one smells of berry macarons!The hand cream is always an essential for after washing my hands and reapplying during the day. This warm honey scent is rather delightful!

Let me know your top tips for mornings!



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